At Musical Avenue, our aim is to provide top quality music teaching with a strong musical foundation for students of all ages, abilities and interests. Our programs are carefully designed in order to provide the best learning experience to our students. Students can learn for leisure or undertake music exams.

We provide our students with various opportunities to showcase their talent during our Term performances and End of year concerts, so that they can have an all-rounded learning experience here with us!

It is our hope to be able to cultivate the talents of those who are passionate about music, and to enable everyone to achieve their greatest potential! Our students have consistently received outstanding results in AMEB and RockSchool examinations.


Our lessons are customized to the student’s musical interest. We have a variety of programs structured for beginner level and above. Young students begin in our kinderbeat classes and then proceed into the group or individual program.

1) Group – Kinder Beat Piano (age 3-5)
Outstanding early childhood introduction to music. This award winning program features activities that children of the 21st century need for brain development and acceleration.

2) Group lessons (age 5 and above)

While being very affordable, our group lessons are a fun way to learn music and make friends. Students develop excellent rhythmic and listening skills when playing with other students.

3) Individual lessons (age 5 and above)

Our individual lessons are very popular as students can progress at their own speed and choose their own songs/pieces. This is also the option to choose if a student wishes to take music exams.

Whether students choose the group or individual program, they will have the opportunity to participate in our ‘Musical Avenue roadmap structure’. This is a rewarding step by step layout which is designed to motivate students and provide a clear musical path.


At Musical Avenue, students are encouraged to try their very best and rewarded for their efforts. The 30- piece challenge is a challenge to learn 30 new pieces by the end of the year, and upon completion, students will receive a certificate of completion to be awarded at the End of Year Recital and also have their names on the ’30 piece challenge board’ aka board of fame in the reception area.


Musical Avenue instructors are all very nurturing and highly qualified in their respective fields of specialisation. They ensure that every student experiences a learning specially tailored to fit their individual needs. 


KinderBeat Piano

Award winning early childhood program





Instrumental Course Coordinator ---Masters of Music Performance Teaching (University of Melbourne)


Piano Teacher -Bachelor of Music & Law (Monash University)- In progress


Violin Teacher -Bachelor of Music (Monash University)


Piano & Flute Teacher - Bachelor of Music (Monash University)


Piano Teacher -Bachelor of Music (Monash University)


Singing, Guitar & Kinderbeat Teacher -Bachelor of Music (Monash University)







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